Coaching the route to stability and profitability

Organisations and the human beings that constitute their most valuable assets have not been immune.

Change has become a byword for modern living.

Organizations and the human beings that constitute their most valuable assets have not been immune to issues such Brexit, COVID, the war in the Ukraine, the cost of living and now a potential (and probably) change of government.

Such drivers can and will affect both our individual and strategic thoughts, wants and desires. As human beings we all hope for a better career, a better standard of living and greater security.

The organisational insecurities resulting from the issues noted above can lead employees to safety seek, maintain the status quo, resulting in an acceptance of not being recognised, not being promoted, working long hours (unpaid in some cases) whist sacrificing the concepts of reward and recognition.

This culture that is prevalent across a wide range of sectors and organisations.

Conversely, the organisations themselves are not immune to this and also safety seek, at the end of the day corporate strategy is created by human beings too, their own fears, concerns and compromises. 

Such strategic safety seeking often results in an attempt to generate bigger revenues, provide solutions and new routes to market that sustain time and value.

 “The world of business is harder and more challenging as companies cut costs and revaluate their own strategies and direction to survive and succeed on a constant basis. 

Out of chaos does come opportunity. We just need to think differently.” Jacqui from Gleeson Executive.

Coaching executives can help organisations retain top talent and allow individuals to generate new opportunities.

The fear of organisational instability and change as well as the unrecognised high performance anxiety state a vast amount of people operate with result in “I am not good enough” mindsets and reinforce the need to amanitin the status quo. 

Coaching can offer a dual solution, individually helping to create new thought processes that potentially result in new productivity and efficacy at an organisational level.

Investing in coaching is investing in the future, not only of the individual but of the organisational s well.

Drawing from Jacqui Gleeson, identification of and strategies to overcome barriers to progress and the emotion and energy that takes to be dissolved and energy to be refocused in a direction once not thought possible to achieve. Connecting passion with purpose can open up a thought process which engages and leads in a completely different way – evolving, enriching and enhancing success, personally and professionally.

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